Pregnancy wasn't fun for me. I'll be the first to admit that months of nausea followed by your body breaking down because of the life growing within you--not fun. But, there were highlights...shimmering moments that gave me strength to put on a smile and get through the final weeks. Planning a baby shower was the kind of fun and excitement I could get behind. 

    10 months postpartum and I’m finally sitting down to flesh out the details of this wonderful day. Let me start by saying that I have the most amazing Mom (and business partner) on the planet. This day would not have been possible without her. She gets me! An invite find on Etsy was the initial source of inspiration that would evolve into our final design. I wanted a plant paradise, texture heavy, non-baby, baby shower. Whew, that’s a mouth full. 

     Our venue was a blank canvas of the very best kind. Old hardwoods, antique bricks walls, basically every event planners dream. We brought in EVERYthing that you see. Tons of plants, hanging lanterns, vintage furniture, tables/chairs, rugs, and lots of House of Finds decor. :D

    Our tablescape started with black linens, then we stretched out massive elephant ear leaves to work as our foundation. We used vintage brass, lucite, and marble candlesticks. It's just amazing to me what vintage accessories do in any setting! The plates and cups are by Wasara and I HIGHLY recommend them if you're looking for something different in the disposable tableware realm. The plates and cups were so perfectly minimal and just the contrast I wanted with everything else going on. 

    My baby boy will never know how special this day was for me but I will show him these pictures one day and hopefully he appreciates all the thought and hard work his Oma and aunties put into this celebration. 

    I hope these pictures inspire you to create your own little plant paradise! This theme works for any type of event really, not just baby showers!